How to Write Sales Landing Page Copy That Converts

Now that you’re able to customize your sales landing page, you’re on your way to gaining more app subscribers than ever before! But in order to convert those potential new customers, you must understand how to write effective sales landing page copy.

The bottom line is, you need people to subscribe to your app in order to make money. And the way you convince them to do that is through targeted, persuasive language on your sales page. Here’s what you need to know.

1. Make Your Headline Actionable

We know that people skim, rather than read, so you want to hook your potential customer as soon as they land on your sales page. The headline text of your sales page is the very first thing they’ll see, and you must convey what you’ll do for that customer in mere seconds.

Your headline copy should be actionable and tell a reader exactly what they can expect from you.

For example, do you think someone would be more inclined to subscribe to an app when the first thing they see at the top of a sales page is: “Download my app to work out with me!” or, “Build your booty at home!”? Most likely the latter, because it builds the brand messaging around the customer and communicates a clear value proposition, both of which are key.

Here are a few additional header ideas (remember — 60 characters or less, and no emojis!) for your sales page:

  • Build muscle and lose fat

  • Improve your physique with quick workouts

  • Tone your body in 30 minutes or less

Whatever problem you solve, — i.e. losing weight, building muscle mass, etc. — be sure to work that into your headline verbiage, and make it personal to the reader by using “you” or “your” throughout.

2. Use Powerful Testimonials & Reviews

Happy client reviews are an excellent form of social proof to add to your sales page, and they’re also a great way to further demonstrate your value proposition. While you can’t exactly write client reviews or testimonials yourself, you can be thoughtful when asking questions in order to get the best possible endorsements.

That means you must be specific! Instead of asking, “What’s your favorite part of my app?,” consider asking, “How has your life changed since you began training with me?” instead.

Ask your current clients to share more of their personal stories and you’ll have something much more compelling to add to your sales page to convert more sales.

For example:

“Training with [name] pushed me to be my authentic self and gave me the confidence to wear a bikini to the beach this summer. You’ve changed my life!” is much more powerful than “I love this app! The workouts are fun and I’ve had great results.”

Remember, reviews are limited to 150 characters while testimonials are limited to 2,000, so make sure to use compelling language that further demonstrates your value proposition.

3. Amp Up Your Profile

Since your creator profile will be automatically pulled into your sales page, now is a great time to audit that existing content. While you of course want to tell your potential customers who you are, it’s again important to build your brand messaging around your customer. Similarly to how your Instagram bio is critical for maximizing sales, so is your sales page bio.

First, explain who you are and what you do. You want to craft your bio to position yourself as an authority figure while also telling your potential customer exactly what you can do for them, given your expertise.

Here’s a great example from Playbook creator Danny Saltos’ sales page:

“With over a decade of experience, Danny focuses on building relationships with his clients through specialized corrective exercise, weight loss, and behavioral modification tools and techniques that reveal the best version of each unique trainee — inside and out.”

While short and sweet, this paragraph conveys Saltos’ experience while also demonstrating exactly how he helps his clients. When auditing your own bio, make sure you have a statement that similarly uses powerful language to demonstrate who you are and what you do for your clients.

Again, since people tend to skim websites, make sure your bio is not one long paragraph — we recommend no more than two sentences per paragraph to make your copy easily scannable.

In addition to the “About Me” section of your creator profile, you can perform the same type of content audit with the copy you have for goals, accomplishments, and any training requirements, since these will also be translated to your sales page. For specific copy suggestions, click here.

4. Use Key Phrases to Help You Sell

Use the power of FOMO to get potential customers to subscribe to your app!

Incorporating the following keywords or phrases throughout your landing page copy can help create a sense of urgency:

  • Don’t miss out on…

  • The only thing holding you back is…

  • If you want to 10x your health…

  • Be the first to access my workouts…

  • Get subscriber only access to my weekly workouts…

  • Check out my new…

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