How to Set Custom Push Notifications

If you need a quick refresher, push notifications are what shows up on someone’s phone screen telling them to interact with an app. While these were available in a limited capacity on Playbook, you can now set custom notifications every time you publish a new workout to the app (including programs and collections).

Here’s how to do it:

Step 1: Create Workout

Create a new workout and tap on “Publish.”

Step 2: Add Push Notification

Tap on “Add push notification” to set a custom notification.

Step 3: Write Notification

Type your custom notification and tap on “Done” when complete.

**NOTE: Keep it brief, use keywords (new, exclusive, etc.), and consider using emojis to make your notification stand out.

Step 4: Publish!

Select a program to publish your workout to and tap on “Publish Now.”

That’s it! Shortly after publishing your workout, a notification will be sent out to your subscribers.


What happens if I don’t set a custom notification?

Your subscribers will receive a default Playbook notification structured in the following way: “[your name] just published [workout title]!”

How many notifications will my subscribers receive?

They will receive one notification.