Aubrie Edgington Gained 1,000 App Subscribers In 24 Hours By Following Playbook’s Best Practices

“Playbook noticed me on launch day. I had no idea they would have an entire team for me.”


“I think the best move I made was becoming a creator on Playbook. Giving away 20% of revenue was well worth it. They are so helpful and organized. Everything is simple and professional. If I could give people like me advice it’d be: Take the leap of faith and do it.”

—Aubrie Edgington


Aubrie Edgington ran a brick and mortar dance studio for seven years before she took the plunge to apply to Playbook. Her husband CJ followed Julian Smith & his Daily Pump on Playbook and loved how user-friendly it was. Plus, all the workouts were in your pocket and you got multiple trainers for the price of one. Aubrie reached 10,000 followers on Instagram and decided to sell her dance studio and go all-in as a fitness influencer. That’s when she applied to Playbook.


Aubrie’s application initially hit Playbook’s waitlist and the team was hesitant to approve her because she didn’t have a huge following. However, she had amazing engagement and her and CJ continued to follow up with the Playbook team to make sure her application was being reviewed. Their persistence won out and Playbook accepted her on the platform off of the waitlist. But once she was accepted, she had to put in a lot of work: she didn’t have any prior fitness content (so she needed to create from scratch) and she didn’t have experience in the technical aspect of growing an online fitness business.


Just like every creator who gets taken off the waitlist, Aubrie was set up to self-onboard. She was handed Playbook’s best practices to assist her in filming her workouts, setting up her account, and engaging her audience pre-launch. Her business strategy instincts from the dance studio took over and she developed a business plan (using Playbook’s best practices) that would ultimately lead to her success.

Her business strategy included these key items:

  • Promoted launch day for weeks ahead of time on all social platforms

  • Explained the value people would receive from her app

  • Partnered with affiliates: Sent 15 influencers a box of goodies + free trial of the app so they would test it out and promote it

  • Offered free merchandise with app purchase to reward the early birds

  • Adapted all social media bios to focus on her app (with links)

“I told people if they signed up on launch day within the first 48 hours they would get a free macro count. So all they had to pay was $1 for a free month of workouts, plus a macro count. I just wanted people to get inside the app. Once they saw it and knew it was different from all the other fitness apps out there, I knew they would stay.”


Aubrie’s app exploded.

She gained 1,000 subscribers in the first 24 hours of launch. She converted 5% of her Instagram followers into subscribers. The average for other creators on Playbook at launch hovers around .05%. This was all due to her incredible dedication to Playbook's best practices in the pre-launch process. The day after launch, the Playbook team reached out to Aubrie to offer her services to collaborate and help her business grow.

  • Playbook continues to assist building Aubrie's business into a multi-faceted machine by supplementing her subscription business with additional brand partnership revenue.

  • Playbook manages Aubrie's deliverables to alleviate her workload and ensure seamless execution of partnerships.

  • Weekly strategy meetings to discuss both in-app content and social media.

  • Launched three successful challenges with over 500 submissions.

  • Playbook invested in an assistant to help Aubrie with social media content, strategy, and posting cadence.

  • Launched a Facebook community to continue to support her super engaged audience. A place where all of her followers support, encourage, and hold each other accountable.

  • Built a robust website to streamline her offerings, sell her custom macro guides, and promote the app.

Aubrie now has over 33,000 Instagram followers — tripling her following since Playbook began to work with her.

“My favorite thing about Playbook is that everyone wants you to succeed. You have a team behind you cheering you on and taking off the pressure. I’m a mom of two; I only have a certain amount of time per day to work. This opportunity has allowed me to be a stay-at-home mom but also have a side hustle — I can do both!”