Playbook Motivate

Playbook Motivate is similar to Instagram Stories except you can record up to 30 seconds. They also expire after 24h.



  • Unprecedented in digital fitness to be able to talk directly to your PAYING customers
  • People will become dedicated, die hard fans if you are bringing the love, frequently

Inspiration on what to say

Talk your content

  • “New workout up!”
  • “Who’s training with me?”
  • “This is what we are doing this week”
  • “Challenge for you this week”
  • “This is how you perform this workout”

Call out and respond to customers

Balance a few Q&A on Playbook and a few on Instagram (daily is ideal)

  • “Great job Jane and finishing today’s workout”
  • “Message me if you completed my program this week?”
  • “Can’t believe how amazing you are doing”
  • “Sandeep from India. Great to meet you!”

Get customers and clients involved

  • “Hey guys, with my client Clint here”
  • “Here is a common mistake for this move”
  • “Nutrition hacks coming in hot from my nutritionist, Casey”


Everyone is looking for someone to help them have a better day. Motivation is key. Inspire, encourage, share mindset, positivity

  • “Good morning everyone!”
  • “Can’t want to start this week”
  • “This is my trick for when I am not feeling good”
  • “I’m here for you. Remember you can do this. Change is possible”

Tips/facts/habits/best practices

Nutrition, wellness, your core habits, music, fun dancing

  • “I wake up at 6am every day and have two cups of water. Bottoms up!”
  • “Favorite workout jam”
  • “Techniques for how I calm the mind”

Ask questions (they can message you)

  • “Any questions today guys?!”
  • “How are you doing on the workouts. Does everything make sense?”


  • “Favorite workout gear”
  • “Favorite - bar, smoothie, shoes, piece of equipment, chocolate, cheat meal, friend, makeup”
  • “Family, friends, lifestyle, quotes”