5 Running Playlists to Boost Your Energy & Keep You Motivated

Plus, why music is such a great workout motivator.

By August 29, 2022

Whether you enjoy running outdoors or prefer sprinting on a treadmill at the gym, the right playlist can really elevate your workout. It just seems easier to power through that last mile of cardio when you have your headphones in, blasting your favorite tracks. And whether you prefer mainstream pop, rock n’ roll, or R&B, there’s a running playlist out there to suit your needs.

How Music Boosts Your Workout

Your earbuds really are an essential piece of gym equipment. Uptempo music can not only motivate you through a cardio workout, it can elevate your mood, provide a great distraction, and even help you push through fatigue. In fact, listening to music while you exercise can even boost your physical performance, meaning you get a more effective workout with music than one without a soundtrack.

5 Running Playlists for Your Next Cardio Session

While you likely have a few go-to workout playlists of your own on your favorite streaming platform of choice, consider throwing one of these into the rotation on your next cardio day.

If You Like Pop Music

Is top 40 radio your go-to? If so, Apple Music’s “Top Hits Run” playlist is updated every Friday.

If You Prefer Oldies

If classics are your jam, check out Spotify’s official “Retro Running” playlist, which includes favorites of yesteryear.

If You Enjoy Country Music

Do country tunes motivate your cardio sessions? Then check out Spotify’s “Country Cardio” playlist to help keep your pace.

If Hip-Hop is Your Go-To

The upbeat tracks on Apple Music’s “Hip-Hop Won’t Stop” track list (which is also updated weekly) will keep you moving, long after your run is over.

If Rock is Your Style

The next time you’re gearing up to strut on the treadmill, Spotify’s “Rock ‘N’ Run” playlist will have you racking up those miles in no time.

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