Celebrity Trainer Boss Everline Shares Kevin Hart's Workout Routine

Sign up for his A-Lister challenge for the celebrity workout.

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By October 08, 2021

Ron “Boss” Everline is a lifelong athlete and fitness enthusiast who specializes in molding the bodies — and minds — of his elite clientele. The LA-based trainer has physically and mentally transformed A-list celebrities including Kevin Hart, Russell Westbrook, Usher, and Ne-Yo using the very same workouts he offers in his app.

If you’ve ever wanted to train like a star, now is your chance: Boss is offering access to his celebrity training programs during his six-week “A-Lister Challenge,” launching on Monday, Oct. 11.

“The [challenge] is hard work, but a lot of foundational work,” Boss says. “A lot of basic moves, but also very complex [ones].”

He says the challenge is designed for anyone who wants to push themselves and includes the exact programming that his day-to-day clients follow. The workouts involve dumbbells, body weight, and cardio.

“It’s a mix of everything, so you’re gonna get some jumping, you’re gonna get some cardio days, you’re gonna get some core days, and you’re gonna get some stretching days,” Boss says.

The “A-Lister Challenge” will award the top three participants who achieve the best physical transformations with a number of prizes, including:

  • First Place: A Zoom meeting with Boss, plus free products from Theragun and C4, including a Theragun PRO and C4 T-shirt

  • Second Place: Theragun and C4 products, including a Theragun Elite

  • Third Place: Theragun and C4 freebies, including a case of C4 Energy

Boss’ personal motto is “Train your mind and your body will follow,” so it’s no surprise that challenge participants can expect to see results that are both physical and mental.

“What I want to bring to you is the mental challenge to say that you can persevere and push through even though things are hard,” Boss says. “That’s really one of the big things about this [challenge] for me — outside of the physical — are the mental challenges that we all face. No matter who you are, you face [mental roadblocks], and once we figure it out, we all push through.”

He says the challenge will incorporate daily motivational quotes and weekly mental practices to keep participants inspired. Additionally, he’ll have a private Facebook group where participants can check in with one another and share what they’re accomplishing from week to week.

“I’m the king of positive affirmations. I love positive-self talk. It’s changed my life,” Boss says, noting that while he always looks on the bright side of things, he had to train his mind to develop such a positive mindset.

In order to achieve that same kind of mental transformation, Boss says participants must practice two things throughout the 30-day Challenge: self-accountability and discipline.

“When you’re starting this [A-Lister Challenge], you have to be mentally prepared to say, ‘I’m gonna start, and I’m gonna finish, and every day, even when I’m tired, I’m gonna tell myself that I signed up for this and I’m gonna do it,’” Boss says.

The physical aspects of the Challenge may get tiring, he says, but it’s important to remember discipline over motivation in order to keep yourself accountable.

“I want to hold you accountable and I want the [challenge] to hold you accountable, but it starts with the mental approach,” Boss says.

If you want to transform both your body and mind, sign up for the “A-Lister Challenge” now!

To enter the Challenge:

  1. Sign up for the Challenge and submit a “before” photo

  2. Download Boss’ app and start the challenge on Oct. 11

  3. Share your journey on social media using the hashtag #JustTrainTransformation or share this graphic and tag @justtrain on Instagram — while this last step is optional, it can help you stand out from other contestants and win!

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