Workout Like Gal Gadot with Magnus Lygdback’s Wonder Woman 1984 Training Program

Train like a superhero from your living room.

Wonder Woman 2 Workout Program
By May 12, 2021

It’s no secret that actors and actresses go through intense physical transformations (complete with daily workouts and nutrition plans) to embody the characters we see on the big screen.

But superhero films, jam-packed with action scenes and tight body suits, take this physical dedication up a notch. These roles require lean muscles, cardio endurance, and strength that mere mortals don’t automatically possess — so what does it take to train like a superhero?

We chatted with Wonder Woman’s trainer to find out what a workout with Gal Gadot looks like.

While Wonder Woman’s superhuman strength was granted by Greek gods, Gal Gadot’s impressive physical accomplishments are encouraged by renowned Swedish trainer Magnus Lygdback. Lygdback has a long history of training Hollywood’s elite to meet their latest gig’s physical expectations; adding Wonder Woman to his roster was an exciting new challenge with an epic star. Lygdback has only good things to say about Gadot and is quick to praise her multitasking abilities: “Gal is maneuvering being a producer, actress, mother, and Wonder Woman!”

Understanding the physical requirements for the role, as well as the iconic Wonder Woman look, was crucial knowledge for Lygdback to help design Gadot’s workout program. “It’s important to build agility, mobility, strength, and the [superhero] aesthetic,” Lygdback said. He took many factors into consideration as he customized the exercises to help Gadot feel strong — she’s a hard worker, so Lygdback knew she’d be up for the challenge of becoming an IRL superhero.

In order to ensure success, Lygdback incorporated these focus points into each week’s workout plan. This strategy worked so well that Lygdback created his popular WW Program, a workout routine accessible through his fitness app Magnus Method.

When Gadot began training for Wonder Woman 1984, Lygdback was her training sidekick in preparation for the film. They took the same focus points of Lygdback's first WW training program and added variations, pushing Gadot to her physical best.

“There [are] many things that have been rewarding about this project. You get to be a part of building a female superhero, which the world needs so badly. I’m proud to be a part of that.”

Due to the overwhelming response from his original WW Program, Lygdback designed a WW2 Program that mirrors Gadot’s training for Wonder Woman 1984. WW2, which officially launched on May, 13, 2021, will tone, shred, and shape the body. The new four-week program features 16 routines that include HIIT training, arms, legs, chest, and core. “This program will help you shred fat and gain lean muscle mass while maintaining good cardiovascular health,” explains Lygdback.

Lygdback hopes the added variety will encourage people to put on their capes and get moving. If anything, this program proves that training like a superhero is for everyone — super suit optional.

You can find Lygdback’s Gal Gadot WW2 program, as well as some of his other celebrity training programs like Ben Affleck’s Batman and Alexander Skarsgård’s Tarzan, and more exclusively on the Magnus Method app.

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