Healthy Holiday Habits: How to Indulge While Sticking to Your Goals

Stay on track when the holidays make it hard.

Healthy holiday habits
By November 22, 2021

When the holidays come around, the temptation to stray from healthy habits can be worse than ever. Why? Well, with holiday gatherings and sweets, it can be extremely difficult to maintain a healthy diet and keep your fitness goals in mind. Personally, this time of year for me consists of a Starbucks holiday drink and no motivation to work out. But, thanks to a few healthy holiday habits I’ve learned, I’m prepared to go into this season ready to keep my motivation up and indulge a little while still keeping my wellness goals in mind.

1. Host Your Own Holiday Party

One of the hardest parts about eating healthy, particularly at holiday parties, is that you never know what kind of food will be served. But, if you host your own holiday party, you’re in complete control of what food is prepared and served. There are plenty of nutritious entrees, appetizers, and snacks you can make for holiday parties that are healthy and taste good (yes, it is possible to have the best of both worlds!) for you and your guests to enjoy.

2. Find a Friend to Hold You Accountable

Having someone who knows your goals can be really useful come holiday time. Whether it’s a friend, a significant other, or a family member, you can enlist this person to keep you on the right track. They can help motivate you to stick with your goals or join you in your holiday workouts. Having an accountability partner is a great way to stay moving because you can celebrate your wins together.

3. Don’t Shop Hungry

When perusing the aisles of your favorite grocery store in preparation for the holidays, it takes little influence to convince someone to buy all of the delicious holiday snacks that hit the aisles this time of year. One helpful tip: eat before you go grocery shopping. If you shop on an empty stomach, you might be more tempted to buy more than you actually need. But, shopping after a full meal will help you stick to your list, since you won’t be as hungry. (But we won’t fault you for adding one or two festive snacks to your cart — ‘tis the season, after all!).

4. Sleep Better

What does sleep have to do with healthy habits? Getting a good night’s rest is essential to your overall health and well-being, and keeping up a high-fiber diet can help increase your deep, restorative sleep (year-round, not just during the holidays!). Of course, go ahead and indulge this holiday season, but keep in mind that consuming excess sugar can cause you to wake up more frequently throughout the night. The holidays can often be busy and stressful, so we’ll take all the rest we can get!

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