Our Top 5 Favorite Yogis on Instagram Right Now

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Morgan tyler
By July 06, 2021

How do you choose who you follow on social media? Do you look for aesthetics? Inspiration? Educational resources? A little bit of everything? Most of us have curated a feed that allows us to explore different interests, ideally pushing us toward being the best version of ourselves. One key part of that is following fitness pros who don’t just inspire us to get our sweat on, but they provide tips and workouts that actually help us do so! Today we’re rounding up our top five favorite yogis on Instagram, in the name of personal wellness.

Before we dive into who these zen creators are, let’s talk about what to look for in a yoga follow on Instagram. Sure, serene images of crow pose in a jungle are fantastic, but there is so much more out there than the aesthetics of a peaceful yoga flow.

When looking for yogis who stand out on Instagram there are two main things to keep in mind: motivating/educational captions and flows/movements you can do at home. A handstand next to a waterfall? Added bonus (especially if it’s paired with a caption that makes you want to reach for the stars!). Here are five yogis who take their IRL practice and bring it to Instagram for all of us to enjoy.

1. Morgan Tyler


If you’re looking for an IG yogi who brings love and light to everything she does, look no further than Morgan Tyler. While you can flow with her daily on her app, her Instagram is full of genuine practice highlights that you can implement into your own routine, as well as down-to-earth check-ins that showcase her humanity. She’s also quick to include stories of her very cute cats, would 10/10 recommend tuning in for “cat therapy.”

2. Robin Martin


Robin Martin understands that everyone has to start somewhere, making her an excellent yogi to look to for guidance, tips, and new movements that help you progress in ability. She’ll often provide a visual component that shows how to work toward a more difficult end result — those baby steps really add up!

3. Riva G


Riva is a NYC-based yogi who’s consistently providing new, tangible ways for her followers to reach their goals. Her reels showcasing snippets of a flow, as well as her slideshows that focus on key muscle groups, mean you have a TON of content to work through, complete with motivational captions that push you to be your best. Riva also knows how to have fun — her challenges will have you staring in awe! Talk about something to aspire to!

4. Sara Ticha


No matter where you are in your yoga journey, Sara Ticha has a resource for you. From her six-week “school of inversion” to tips for how to add small yoga movements into your everyday life, her page is a fantastic example of what it means to truly live out the practice of yoga.

5. Alex Silver-Fagan


Alex Silver-Fagan is another yogi (check out her app, you won’t regret it), who’s Instagram is full of exceptional content. Not only does she have tips for how to keep your workout routine interesting, but she also has a knack for motivating you off the couch and onto your mat. Her captions will stop your scrolling and prompt inspiration, questions, and an uncanny need to flow. And isn’t that what you want from your fitspo creators?

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