Give the Gift of Health & Wellness to Friends & Family

You can now gift annual subscriptions to your friends and family!

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By March 09, 2022

Looking for the perfect gift? Gift a friend or family member a full year of Playbook that unlocks more than 60,000 workouts in fitness, sports, and wellness.

Here’s how it works:

Click here to access a gift membership link.

Step 1: Input your email address

Step 2: Provide payment details

And tap on “Pay”

Step 3: Send to the recipient

Copy the gift link to send to your friend OR input their email address to send the gift directly to them via email.

After making the purchase, you will receive the following confirmation email:

The giftee will receive this email so they can redeem the gift:

To redeem a gift:

Step 1: Click on the gift link that was sent to you

Input your email address.

Step 2: Check your email and download the app!


What if I purchased a gift but forgot to send it?

No problem! Go back to your confirmation email and tap on “Send Gift” to send it right away.

I want to gift a subscription through a specific creator instead of Playbook. Is that possible?

Yes! If you want to customize the experience and gift a subscription to a specific creator simply visit their social profile or sales page to get access to a similar gifting link.

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