Stay Consistent With Streaks on the Playbook App

Plus, share your progress on Instagram!

By October 18, 2021

Maintaining consistency when working out can be difficult, so we’ve introduced streaks to help you stay motivated!

So… what are streaks?

Streaks count how many consecutive weeks you’ve been working out for. There are two types of streaks on Playbook:

  • Current streak

  • Highest streak

Current Streak

As long as you complete one workout each week, you will see your current streak value increase.

For example, when you complete your first workout on Playbook, your current streak value will be a 1-week streak. If you complete at least one workout by the end of the following week, your current streak will increase to a 2-week streak (woo!).

If you stop exercising for a week, you will lose your current streak. But that’s where the highest streak comes in! To celebrate your past achievements even if you’ve had an off week.

Highest Streak

Highest streak shows the most consecutive weeks you have ever worked out for on Playbook.

Highest streak won’t be lost even if you lose your current streak. Use it to stay motivated and to challenge yourself to beat your highest score.

Sharing to Instagram

Be proud of your awesome progress and share with your friends on Instagram! You can easily share your streak, here’s how:

Step 1: Tap on “Share Your Streak.”

Step 2: Take or select a photo, and choose a Streak overlay.

Step 3: Share to Instagram!

Questions? Message our support team directly from the app by tapping on “Support” or share your feedback by tapping on “Share your feedback.”

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