Trainer & Winemaker Margaux Alvarez Blends Her Passions to Work Hard & Wine Down

Alvarez combines her love of fitness and wine to lead a balanced lifestyle.

Margaux Alvarez
By February 21, 2022

When it comes to physical activity, trainer Margaux Alvarez has tried it all. As a kid in Montana, Alvarez and her sisters stayed active by way of Taekwondo, ballet, horseback riding, golf, swimming, volleyball, ballet, and tennis. In college, Alvarez took up outrigger canoe paddling at Hawaii Pacific University, even competing in a 41-mile canoe race from Molokai to Oahu, an experience she credits with shaping her “mental fortitude.”

Today, Alvarez is a certified CrossFit coach and trains clients via her fitness app, which includes workouts designed to help you not just meet — but exceed — your goals. Alvarez offers a mix of full-body strength routines, cardio-based workouts, yoga, CrossFit-inspired workouts, and more in her app.

Alvarez says she designed her app’s offerings to fit into any busy lifestyle, so you’ll find equipment-free options, 30-minute sessions that pack a punch, and quick, accessible workouts for the person who’s perpetually “on the gaux” like she is.

In addition to being a competitive athlete — she’s appeared in seven consecutive CrossFit Games, been a finalist on “Titan Games,” and a contestant on “American Ninja Warrior” — Alvarez is also an accomplished winemaker. In 2017, while competing in the annual CrossFit games, Alvarez launched her own wine company, The G.O.A.T. Wine, a labor of love that she says required years of hard work.

“My message is ‘work hard, wine down,’ and those are two things I’m passionate about: fitness and wine,” she says. “There’s so much that goes into making wine, and it runs parallel to training — it takes time and patience and the ability to get there. Both journeys parallel a lot of things in life — like going to school, it takes years to earn a degree, or trying to build a career and advance within a company, it takes multiple years. I think the process takes a lot of time [for example], going to school versus standing on stage and getting that diploma. With wine, it’s all the time I spend farming the grapes, bottling the wine, marketing the product. At the end, you enjoy the glass of wine, but it’s all about the process.”

Starting a wine business from scratch was “a very tedious process with lots of red tape and layers, but that mirrors a lot of things in life,” Alvarez says. “It’s never going to be like, ‘Here’s your silver platter with your degree or your promotion.’”

Alvarez is no stranger to putting in hard work, and she emphasizes enjoying the process in order to reach her goals in both winemaking and fitness.

“I love the process and being in the farm and being able to harvest and pick the grapes. It's a lot of physical labor and I love the agricultural aspect of it. I love the community effort and seeing the end result, because it’s so rewarding to achieve a goal. I felt like if I could bottle that — no pun intended — and share it with others, hopefully that would inspire them to go after their goals, whether in fitness or anything else.”

Training clients in her app allows Alvarez to help others reach their own goals, and she says she’s there every step of the way, cheering her clients on through the process.

“I love challenging myself, but [now my focus is] how can I impart that on someone else [as a coach] and give them the same feeling?” she says.

If you’re ready to work hard and wine down with Alvarez, download her app to check out her Workout of the Day and 30 Day Home Program.

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