View Workout Comments for Honest Feedback — How to Use It & How to Leave Your Own

Check out Playbook's newest app feature — workout comments.

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By January 31, 2022

With our new feature — workout comments — you can see what others are saying about a workout before you start it. Plus, you can let people know what you thought of the workout after completing it by leaving a public comment.

Here’s how to view comments:

Step 1: Click on any workout. You’ll be able to see workout comments on the workout summary screen.

Step 2: Scroll all the way down and tap on “See All” to read more comments.

Step 3: That’s it! Now you can read through comments left by other members of the Playbook community!

    Here’s how to add comments:

    Step 1: After completing the workout and leaving a rating you’ll be able to type your comment. Select if you want the comment to be public or private by tapping on the toggle.

    Note: Public comments are visible to everyone (as displayed above) while private comments are only visible to creators.

    Step 2: That’s it! Your public comment will now be visible on the workout for others to see.


      1. What can I do if I notice an inappropriate comment?
      Tap on the comment and select “Report Comment.”

      2. Can I delete my public comments?
      If you want to have a past comment deleted, contact our support team via the app and provide a screenshot of the comment you would like removed.

        Additional questions? Contact us via the app!

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