How to Promote Your App on Launch Day


  • Your sales link can be found in the Playbook Creator app under your profile — share this link anywhere and everywhere!

  • On Instagram, announce your app launch in your bio, as well as in Story and Feed posts, and with a pinned highlight called “My App”

  • On YouTube, announce your app launch in your banner image, and include a CTA in the captions of any old content and new content you publish moving forward

  • On TikTok, share your sales link in your bio and post a video walkthrough of your app

  • If you have one, send an app announcement out to your email subscriber list

You’ve completed your profile and banking information, added at least five workouts to your app, and have built buzz with your followers. Congratulations — it’s time for launch day! Make sure you follow these five steps to ensure success across all platforms to get you subscribers.

5 Keys Steps for Launch Day Success

1. Share Your Sales Link

Your sales link is your digital storefront — it needs to be easy to find so people can subscribe to your app. Your sales link should never be more than one or two clicks away.

Note: To find and share your sales link in the Playbook Creator app, click the profile icon in the lower right corner.

On the next page, click “Promote” at the top. Here, you can copy and share your $1 discount code and/or your landing page link.

2. Promote Your App on Instagram

  • Bio: Put your sales page link in your bio with a “Train with me for $1” call to action.

  • Stories: Announce your app launch with either a swipe up or CTA to check the link in your bio.

  • Feed: Create a carousel post with exercise content and a CTA image in the middle.

  • Pinned Highlight: Create a Story highlight for all of your app content with a flow that walks through the app and shows the value it delivers.

Below are three great examples of Playbook creators — Pineapple Brat, Sam Sweeney, and Stefan Petrov — who include their sales link in their bios and have a pinned highlight about their app:

3. Promote Your App on YouTube

  • Banner Image: Post your sales link here.

  • Old Video Content: Update all old videos with a CTA, “Train with me for $1” in the video description to download your app.

  • New Video Content: Post a video walking users through your app, with a CTA in the description to download.

Here’s a great example of Playbook creator Devon Levesque’s YouTube channel:

4. Promote Your App on TikTok

  • Bio: Put your sales page link in your bio with a “Train with me for $1” call to action.

  • Video: Post a video walking users through your app, with a CTA in the caption to download.

Here are two great examples from Playbook creators Sarati and Devon Levesque, who include a CTA with their sales page link in their TikTok bios:

5. Announce Your App via Newsletter

  • Email: If you have an email subscriber list, send out an announcement to your subscribers with a CTA, “Train with me for $1” to let them know you’ve launched your app and encourage them to download.

Remember, no matter what platform you’re sharing this exciting news on, consistency is key! Keep directing followers to your sales link and you’ll see the subscriptions rack up in no time.

Most importantly, when marketing your app, always refer to “my app” instead of “Playbook,” “my Playbook app” or “my Playbook.” The reason is you want people to sign up through your sales link rather than searching for Playbook on the app store and downloading it. You only earn revenue when subscribers sign up directly through you.

Next up, we’re covering marketing best practices!