Allegra Paris Is a Fitness Trainer Giving You Permission to Eat Cake

Yes, really. But here’s how to fit it into a healthy lifestyle.

Allegra paris
By July 07, 2021

Have your cake and eat it too; that’s Allegra Paris’ training style motto. And as someone who loves a good slice of chocolate cake, I was onboard and wanted to learn more. I sat down with the personal trainer and fitness model over Zoom the other day to chat about the launch of her new fitness app AP Fit.

Her primary focus is teaching you how to add foundational fitness and nutrition into your life in an easy way that makes sense for your schedule. She describes her clientele as motivated, busy, determined, and independent women who deserve a glass of wine with friends after kicking ass at work all day (Amen!). “[These women] know they’re supposed to take a break and enjoy treats, but they don’t know how to do that without feeling like they’re ruining their health goals.”

Enter AP Fit.

Designed so you can live life, work out, and enjoy everything (yes, even that slice of cake) guilt-free. From vacation workouts to navigating a happy hour menu to at-home workouts (or the gym, if you’re up for it), her new fitness app seems to have it all.

“I train women who want to have a social life. They want a trainer that’s realistic, who doesn’t judge them, and will let them have that.

Paris got her start in fitness a little unconventionally. While studying at the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC, she helped her then-boyfriend study to get his NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) certification. During their study sessions she became really interested in pursuing fitness. While always into exercise and working out, she had never really thought about a career in personal training but she fell in love with it and knew she needed to get her NASM certification too. She started training one on one and then got into the energy of group fitness, even dabbling in boxing and weight room training at GRIT BXNG in the city. But once COVID hit, she needed to switch her entire business model: “Everything became virtual, I took all my clients privately through FaceTime.” That’s what inspired her to create her own fitness app — to reach even more people virtually.

Paris has three different types of workouts on the app. The first is at-home workouts: you only need a set of weights and less than one hour to complete them. Or, you can take her to the gym with you in your pocket and use her gym-based workouts to train. The best (in my opinion) is the third workout type: vacation workouts. These 30 minute or less routines can be done right in your hotel room, or by the pool, or anywhere else when you’re traveling. All of her programs focus on building glutes, toning arms, and flattening your stomach.

She even has nutrition guides to help you navigate calories, macros, and what to buy at the grocery store. “It’s really all about flexible dieting, learning how to fit food into your macros,” she says. Paris even has a vacation food guide to help you make informed decisions when out at a restaurant or a bar.

“I’m going to go out on a Saturday night and enjoy a glass of rosé, so why can’t my clients?” says Paris. And you know what? She has a point. A good point. A point that people like me, who struggle to fit fitness into a daily routine, and yes, enjoy chocolate cake, really want to hear. Check out attainable ways to build a healthy lifestyle and fitness into your schedule by checking out AP Fit here.

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