Kehinde Anjorin Was Voted “Best New Fitness App” & It’s Kind of a Big Deal

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By May 27, 2021

There are a LOT of online fitness options out there.

Everywhere you look you can find a new influencer with a new program and a new product for you to buy. So how do you know who to trust? Enter awards season — yes, that exists for fitness apps and it’s actually so helpful in pointing you toward instructors who know what they’re doing and are the best in the business. These awards encompass every niche, helping you decide who your new digital trainer (or as we like to say, fitness BFF) will be. Looking for someone fresh? Kehinde Anjorin was voted “Best New Fitness App” by Women’s Health Magazine for her app The Power Method.

This isn’t Anjorin’s first experience with Women’s Health. She’s spent the last year and a half contributing to the publication, providing her expertise in workshops, hosting IG Live workouts every Thursday at noon, and assisting with collabs that benefit all skill-levels within the fitness space. So if you’ve participated in a sweaty Thursday lunchtime workout, that was Kehinde! Her energy and style is straightforward, and as she says, “designed to get you from point A to point B.”

Live classes on social media are Anjorin’s favorite aspect of working with Women’s Health. That’s when she’s in her element, doing what she loves the most — helping others meet their physical fitness goals. The Instagram classes give her the chance to “be myself and show my personality more,” Anjorin says, reiterating that they’re also a great way for individuals to see what’s on the app. The Power Method includes every live class Anjorin has done, as well as specialized programs (6 Week Core, Bodyweight, and Movement Tutorials to name a few) and a nutrition guide to help users achieve their goals. Subscription to Anjorin’s app also includes an invite to The Power Method Facebook community, because virtual workouts need accountability partners, too!

The Power Method is award-winning for a variety of reasons, all of which Anjorin is personally behind.

Her focus on strength training, accountability, endurance, and cardiovascular health is applicable to every at-home fitness enthusiast, no matter where you are in your fitness journey. Anjorin understands that goals look differently for everyone, and everyone’s timeline needs to be customized to fit their needs. “This is perfect for newbies,” Anjorin says, “I won’t rush you into your goals.” This understanding approach to fitness welcomes new users in with open arms, creating a space where goals — no matter how big or small — can be achieved.

So the best new fitness app? Yes, The Power Method is taking home the gold.

You can subscribe to The Power Method and get your first 7 days free.

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