Boxing Workouts That Will Kick Your Fitness Into High Gear in 2022

These tips will help you advance your boxing workout routine.

Boxing workouts
By January 19, 2022

Boxing has gained a lot of popularity as a workout, whether you’re training in a gym or in the comfort of your home. Even if you’re not trying to become a famous fighter, you may still find that boxing is a fun way to exercise, release some pent up energy, and get a good sweat in. If you’re looking to get started with a boxing workout, pro boxer and model Avril Mathie has some excellent tips.

Whether you’ve always wanted to try boxing, or are looking for some ways to advance your workouts, get ready to kick your boxing workout into high gear with the help of Avril Mathie’s fitness app.

If I’ve never boxed before, what are some tips I need to get started?

Even pro boxers like Mathie had to start from the ground up. She says she started with “terrible technique” as she was healing from a broken foot when she first tried boxing, but with perseverance and a dedicated mindset, she got where she is today.

For someone who’s never even thrown a simple punch before, she recommends trying a training technique called shadow boxing first, as this technique doesn’t require any equipment or an opponent.

I’ve boxed a little bit — how can I get more advanced?

For those with experience in basic boxing workouts who want to advance their training, Mathie recommends watching a training program that teaches proper technique to make sure you’re throwing strong and effective punches. It’s not only important to know how to just punch the air, but how to “work from the ground up,” Mathie says. This means learning proper footwork and stance, how to balance, and how to defend yourself too.

Mathie’s four-week Boxing 101 program is available in her app and is perfect for all skill levels. Plus, you can even message her directly in the app to ask for tips and pointers!

Do I need equipment if I want to box from home?

If an equipment-free boxing workout from home sounds appealing to you, then you can try the shadow boxing technique in order to learn the basics, like proper stance, balance, and agility.

Mathie recommends having something to hit, like a boxing bag. She suggests a double end bag, a heavy bag, or a water bag.

Even if you don’t have a bag, she says using a small marker is good to use as a “pretend opponent” when you’re shadow boxing. “I like to put a water bottle in the middle of the floor, and I use that as my pretend opponent… I can angle toward it as I move around,” Mathie says.

How do I keep my boxing workouts interesting?

Mathie says the most exciting thing about boxing is that there’s always something new to learn.

“You’re always perfecting… you’re always building on what you know,” she says.

So, if your boxing workout starts to feel monotonous, you can switch it up by trying out your skills with a partner, or learning some new techniques and stances to help diversify your training and keep it exciting — even if you’re not looking to be a pro fighter.

Download Avril Mathie’s fitness app to access the following boxing workouts:

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