Casting Playbook to Multiple Devices

Get your workout on your favorite devices.

Cast to other devices
By April 19, 2021

Tired of viewing your workouts on your tiny phone screen? We feel you! That’s why we’ve added the ability to cast Playbook workouts onto your Roku, Chromecast, AirPlay, Smart TV, and Amazon FireTV/Fire TV Stick.

Not only does this mean you can exercise in front of the big screen, but you can also use your phone as the remote control.

How does it work? Follow these steps:

Step 1: Tap the cast icon (upper left corner of the screen).

Step 2: Allow Playbook to access your local network.

Step 3: Connect to the smart device you want to use.

Step 4: After selecting a device to cast to, you will be able to use your phone as a remote control to play, pause and seek backward/forward.

Having trouble casting or casting for the first time? Our Help Center is here to support you!

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