Workout At Home With Friends Using Fitness Programs From This Sister Duo

A buddy may be just what you need to get through your workouts.

By July 18, 2022

Sometimes motivating yourself to work out can be hard. But if you find yourself a buddy, you can both help each other get moving. Don’t have a gym membership? Don’t worry! There are plenty of ways to workout at home with friends. Playbook chatted with sister duo, Kass & Emily, who have been working out alongside each other for over 25 years. They grew up understanding the importance of living a healthy lifestyle as they watched their parents exercise consistently. Today, they are committed to supporting one another on their fitness journeys, acting as workout buddies. They also share their favorite home workouts in their fitness app.

“When you’re not really feeling it and the other person has a little more energy, they can just feed you what you need and you just push each other a little more when you have a partner,” Engemann says.

“Everyone wants to feel healthier, happier, with more energy in their life,” Martin says. “They just might not know where to get it, so not only can you get it yourself, but you can be that catalyst for that person too.”

As workout buddies, they encourage each other to move daily. Scheduling time to work out together allows them time to take care of their health while also connecting as sisters and friends, which is the perfect bonus, they say.

“Sometimes life is so busy, and it's hard to find those times to connect with friends and family, but if you can find time to work out together, that is actually a time you can connect and nurture your friendship. It is a win-win situation,” Engemann says.

Challenge yourself to call a friend and commit to being each other's workout buddy. You will be able to spend time together and hold each other accountable on your fitness journey.

Keep reading for tips on how to build a strong relationship with your workout buddy.

4 Tips For Working Out With a Partner

1. Share Your Goals

Make sure you and your workout buddy are on the same page regarding your fitness goals. Before you choose your workout for the day, take a few minutes to talk about your short-term and long-term goals when it comes to fitness. Your goal can be as simple as wanting to workout five days a week or as elaborate as wanting to run the half marathon in a few months. While your goals don’t necessarily need to be the exact same, what matters is that you are aware of them.

“If you know what your buddy is wanting to achieve, then you know how to support them and cheer them on, and I think that's the way to motivate them,” Engemann says.

If either of you are lacking motivation for your workouts, check out Kass & Emily’s tips to get motivated!

2. Choose a Workout That Suits Both of You

Each and every one of us is on a different level when it comes to fitness. Some of us may have injuries that impact our workouts, while others are stronger in different muscle groups. Finding a workout that caters to your skill level and ability is key to your success when working out with a partner.

“Designing a workout for two people helps us to diversify our audience, [and] we show no two bodies are the same,” Martin says. “Emily modifies things for the lower half, I modify things for the upper half. I like that we offer those variations because really no matter what position you are in you can find a modification to be successful.”

Their HIIT at Home program is great to try with a partner, since different workouts focus on lower and upper body, while some require weights and others do not.

3. Are You For or Against Headphones?

According to Martin, the beauty of working out with a buddy is establishing if you are going to wear headphones or not. This is how you can determine your partner’s intentions for the workout. Whether you decide on headphones or opt for a bluetooth speaker, come up with a fun playlist together that’ll help get you moving!

4. Build Each Other Up

The key to keeping a successful workout partner relationship going is to encourage and build each other up. Remember those goals they shared with you earlier? Make sure they’re staying on top of them (and vice versa). If you or them are slacking a bit, figure out ways to help each other further — whether that’s developing a nutrition plan, finding a better workout, or just checking in on feelings post-workout. “[You need to assume] that in the quest for this to be a lifestyle, you are [both] on the same page. Asking ‘Hey what are you doing to reach your goals?’ [can be helpful]” says Martin.

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