How to Use the Playbook Creator App


  • Playbook has two apps, one for creators and one for fans

  • Fill out each section of the Creator app — don’t skip any steps

  • After you’ve done that, you’re ready to start creating your first five workouts!

It’s time to start building your online business. To do this, you’ll need to use your Playbook Creator app — a one-stop-shop for uploading content, interacting with subscribers, and accessing resources. This is different from the Playbook app your fans use.

There Are 2 Playbook Apps

Yes, Playbook has two separate apps.


Playbook consumer app (for fans):

  • What your subscribers download to work out with you

  • Available on both iOS and Android

  • Showcases all your workouts, programs, categories, and challenges

  • Allows your subscribers to message you

Playbook Creator app (for you!):

  • Available on iOS only and via desktop

  • Where you upload content to your channel

  • Allows you to respond to subscriber messages

  • Provides clear business analytics

  • Access to all training resources and tips from our team

How to Use the Playbook Creator App

The Creator app has five main elements you can find on the bottom of your screen:

  1. Home

  2. Community

  3. + (create a class or workout)

  4. Analytics

  5. More

Each of these sections gives you further insight into your success as a creator.


The Home tab is where you’ll find all of your existing collections (this is also where you can add a new program or category), as well as already uploaded workouts.

Here’s what this looks like in the creator app:


The Community tab is where you can see who messages you and respond to messages. Don’t underestimate the value of this feature! Part of Playbook’s draw is for subscribers to be able to seamlessly talk to instructors one-on-one.

Use the Community tab to:

  • Answer fan questions

  • Affirm fans are doing a great job

  • Engage with fans to build loyalty

  • See reviews and ratings from fans who’ve completed your workouts

Here’s what this looks like in the creator app:

To learn more about the value of community, read our community 101 article.


The Analytics section allows you to track your progress — from how much money you’re making to how many people have completed one of your workouts. You can find the full breakdown of the analytics tab here.

Here’s what this looks like in the creator app:


Your Profile tab in the Creator app houses all your information. You can update your profile, build out and access your exercise library, ensure your banking information is connected, find resources to take your business to the next level, and contact the Playbook support team.

Note: Promo Assets is where you’ll find Instagram Story images to share and bring in more subscribers. For additional promo materials, learn how to make your own Instagram Story images with Canva.

The Playbook Creator app is the center of your online business with Playbook.

It’s your all-access pass to create content, engage with your fans, and access resources we’ve specifically designed for your business growth.

Getting the most out of the Playbook Creator app is easy — you just need to understand how to use it!