Sports-Specific Content Strategy: What We Know Works


  • Create both short- and long-form workouts for your app

  • Content should cover key pillars of your sport, including skills training, conditioning workouts, and workouts involving movements or equipment from your sport

  • Create content that caters to the mental aspect of your sport by providing mindset coaching

If your app caters specifically to sports content, you’ll want to apply the same framework provided in our content strategy article, including:

  1. Structured content, where you show users what to do every day, and

  2. Unstructured content, including one-off drills and workouts.

What Content to Include

You’ll want to create content that covers the key pillars of your sport, including:

  • Skills training or drills: Create content that covers the basic drills of your sport. For example, dribbles in basketball or passes in soccer, that can help users refine their skills.

  • Workouts involving movements or equipment from the sport: These are workouts you do regularly that help improve your game.

  • Conditioning workouts: Share the exercises you do on a regular basis that keep you in peak physical condition to excel at your sport.

  • Mindset coaching: Sports are not only physical, they require mental focus and training. Create content that shares how you keep your mind right in order to be the best you can be. This is a great example of lifestyle content you can add to your app in order to create a well-rounded bundle of content.

How to Create Sport Content

Since you’re creating content for two different audiences, you’ll need to create two different types of videos.

Skills or drills and short movement workouts can be created as short-form pieces of content using the steps outlined here.

To create a mindset coaching video series, build it like you would a program using the steps outlined for creating long-form videos.

Examples of Sport Content

Here’s a great example of skills training and drills from creator Shane Hennen:

Footwork & Finishing

Here’s a great example of workouts involving movements or equipment from the sport from creator Steve Dagostino:

Workout Programs

Here’s a great example of conditioning workouts from creator DJ Sackmann:

Hoop Mobility

Here’s a great example of mindset coaching from creator Joner Football:

Cognitive & Awareness