Trainer Eric Janicki Is Bringing Sustainable (& Affordable) Solutions to Fitness

And you’re going to want to get on board.

Eric Janicki
By August 16, 2021

If you had told Eric Janicki he was going to make a living as a fitness professional, he wouldn’t have believed you. While he has always been an athlete (football, lacrosse, volleyball, you name it) he went to college and studied economics, accounting, and finance. It wasn’t until after college, and well into his first year of work in finance, that he met someone who was a trainer, and he learned he could actually make a living out of fitness — and make it better.

“My training model is all about sustainable fitness. That means building lean mass without lifting as heavy as possible and being more specific with your movement patterns and workout variants to grow. We’re not all 18 years old forever. Somebody who’s 40 years old isn’t going to be able to push themselves like an 18-year-old. That’s where I come in.”

Janicki’s emphasis on the sustainable focuses on time under tension and not rushing through reps. In his opinion, you have to make sure to control the movement and the weight in order to see real gains and grow in a healthy way with no injuries. While he’s been in the fitness game for years now, his most recent success in the field is the launch of his new fitness app. While most people know Janicki from his online training business, Faction Training, he’s hoping to reach a wider audience.

“My app has my daily workouts on it. So people can meet me, see me workout, understand my style.” For a low cost of $1 for the first month and $14.99 a year afterwards, people can get their feet wet in the personal training realm without shelling out a real amount of cash.

What else can you expect from the app? A nutrition plan walking you through the idea of metabolic scaling. Meaning eating more food and more carbs and still being able to lose weight. “Anyone can cut calories to 1200,” says Janicki, “And you’ll lose water weight. But your body will slowly adapt and you’ll become stagnant and even gain back the weight you lost.” Janicki explains that this is what is popularly known as yo-yo dieting and something his subscribers can break the cycle of on his app.

If you try out the app and are looking for more intense and personalized training, Janicki can still help you. His online training business, Faction Training, gives you highly customized fitness solutions catered to not only your goals, but your individual body as well. Whether you’re interested in Janicki’s app or custom training, one thing is for sure: you will learn the why behind the what — and you will succeed.

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