How Rebecca Broxterman Went From Professional Dancer to Coveted Celebrity Fitness Trainer In Just 10 Years

Her motto: Why not try?

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By August 02, 2021

Rebecca Broxterman Stanton never set out to be a fitness instructor. After being a dancer for 22 years in Topeka, Kansas, she set out to California to see what else the world had to offer. She always knew she loved fitness and working out at the gym by herself, but when a manager at her gym approached her and asked if she’d ever trained someone before, she said no, but why not try?

That’s been the approach behind her growing fitness business, which includes personal training for celebrity clients like Eniko Hart, Meghan Trainor, and Tiffani Amber Thiessen. Her Instagram account @RebeccaBroxFit boasts over 100k followers and she even created her own fitness brand, BITI Brand, which sells fitness bands, t-shirts, and more. “I remember my clients kept asking me for the links to the resistance bands I was using,” Stanton tells Playbook. “And I was so sick of giving another brand that opportunity and someone was like, why don't you just make your own?” The "aha" moment seemed simple, but Stanton’s response was why not? So she did.

BITI Brand stands for Stanton’s signature catchphrase on all of her workout videos and posts: Be Inspired To Inspire. “I love the pay it forward method,” says Stanton about the motivation behind the brand’s name. “I love the ‘see something do something’ kind of thing.” Stanton witnessed first-hand how inspiration can strike and how it can propel another person forward when she trained her own mother (who ended up losing 150 pounds).

“If I can help someone be inspired for themselves and they take it and inspire someone else then that's all I want.”

One of Stanton’s fitness concentrations is pre and postnatal training. She was pre and postnatal certified eight years ago when working at Equinox. “ It’s nice because you don't feel like there's a limit,” she explains. “I can train anyone; not just up until a certain point.” Pregnancy training is a bit different from regular training, Stanton says, because it’s broken up into the three trimesters of pregnancy. In the first trimester you’re just easing into it. “You’re making sure their heart rate is okay, and that it’s low-impact,” says Stanton. Then, in the second trimester is when you go hard. “You’re more into strength training and conditioning,” says Stanton. Then, in the third trimester, it’s just about moving whenever and however you can. “Everyone is different and everyone takes the pregnancy differently and their skill set is different,” says Stanton. “So it just depends on the client and person and what they can handle and also what their body is used to doing pre-pregnancy.”

Of course, Stanton is an expert at training all bodies, not just during pregnancy. Her fitness app features at-home bodyweight training workouts both with her BITI bands and without any equipment at all. Basically, her goal is to have her clients workout anywhere, at any time, whether that’s at home or in a tiny hotel room on the road.

If you have a small space, or hate going to the gym in person, Stanton’s in-app workouts are a great starting point. If you’re pregnant or plan on becoming pregnant, Stanton can guide you through each trimester so you stay moving and challenging yourself the entire time.

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