Hampton Workouts With Nina Agdal Should Be on Your Summer Bucket List

A dreamy Hamptons sweat sesh? Don’t mind if I do.

Nina Agdal is Hosting Hampton Workout Classes
By May 27, 2021

One of the last things to reopen due to COVID-19 has been the fitness industry. Gyms, boutique studios, group fitness classes...remember those?

While the memory of sweating it out with strangers may seem to belong in another lifetime, summer 2021 is welcoming back those activities many of us crave. Thanks to the warmer weather and increased vaccine availability, instructors have more options to provide safe classes. One that we’re particularly looking forward to? Hampton workouts with Nina Agdal, making our weekends out east a whole lot sweatier (in a good way).

Agdal has been teaching virtually over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic, cultivating a loyal community through her app, The Agdal Method. As many other instructors have experienced, fully teaching online came with challenges — for Agdal as well as the individuals she was training. Learning how to adapt to home workouts was something we all had to go through. But now summer’s good vibes are bringing people together. Agdal is particularly excited about having the opportunity to teach in-person on her calendar. “I think we all miss the social aspect of signing up for something. This is something that I’m really looking forward to,” she is quick to exclaim.

Where are the classes?

Classes will be held at The Reform Club in Amagansett, New York. “They have the most beautiful space,” Agdal says. The club’s open spaces, paired with fresh ocean air, make this oasis the perfect spot to dip your toe back into the group fitness waters. Especially if you’ve been wary of hitting up a newly reopened studio, taking an outdoor class may be the most comfortable way to enjoy group fitness this summer. According to Agdal, “it’s a great opportunity to get out and do something that’s safe and also good for you.”

When are the classes?

Classes will be every Saturday from Memorial Day through Labor Day. Additionally, big holiday weekends — Memorial Day, Fourth of July, and Labor Day — will offer Sunday classes. All classes will be at 10:30 a.m., weather permitting.

What are the safety precautions?

If you’re concerned about COVID-19, don’t worry, Agdal is on top of it. The Reform Club has plenty of space for everyone to spread out to their personal comfort level, and masks will be required until you’re on your mat. This applies to everyone, vaccinated or not. “My biggest priority is to keep people safe and for everyone to have a good time,” Agdal explains. These precautions ensure that each attendee feels confident in their safety and can workout without worry.

But what if I haven’t worked out in a long time?

We get it — not having IRL classes has impacted the frequency of how often many of us have worked out. But even if you haven’t worked out since pre-pandemic, Agdal is convinced you’ll have a great time at class. “Everyone can do it,” she says, “Everybody is so different, so I create an inclusive space to meet you where you are.” The 35 minute classes will also be followed by a nice stretch session, so your muscles will feel taken care of by the time you leave class and head back to the beach.

Where can I sign up?

Each class is $25 and available here. Spots are limited, so if you’re already planning on a weekend in Amagansett, don’t wait! These classes aren’t just about how many calories you burn, but the connections you make and the fun you have. Being in that environment, especially after such a long hiatus, is energizing (even if push-ups are involved). As Agdal says, “There’s something special about being face-to-face. Feeling the energy of being with people is really’s so fun.”

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