Get a Peloton-Style Workout for Only 27 Cents a Day

You don’t have to break the bank to get a dynamite workout

Gabi Guevara
By April 19, 2021

Chances are high you’ve had a Peloton ad show up on your Instagram feed.

Everywhere you turn, the company that took a spin bike and created a fitness empire appears. Are Peloton users the new CrossFit fanatics? Maybe. If anything, both Peloton and CrossFit have a common problem that may just be their fatal flaw — high prices that make the workouts inaccessible to thousands of possible subscribers. If you want to get a Peloton-style workout, your wallet may suffer.

So why does it cost so much money to workout? If it was possible to get an amazing sweat session before Peloton came onto the scene, it must be possible after Peloton added overpriced stationary bikes and monthly subscription costs that surpass your basic Netflix account.

What if I told you that you could cut that cost down to $99.99 a year (only 27 cents a day)?

That’s right, a more sustainable (and cheaper!) workout method does exist — spoiler alert, it’s us! Playbook allows you to access professional-level workouts that cater to your goals and let you workout in the comfort of your own home, yard, or neighborhood gym. Really, you can workout wherever you want, the Playbook app is happy to come along for the ride.

Let’s breakdown the $$$

Peloton’s basic monthly app subscription is $12.99, no bike included (adding the bike just increases your quota). Adding that monthly cost up equates to $155.88 a year, $0.43 a day. Excuse me, but I’d MUCH prefer to spend that extra cash on Sweetgreen’s latest Harvest Bowl.

Playbook’s subscription is $99.99/year. This breaks down to $0.27 a day (cough cough, clearly a steal). This subscription gives you access to all the same style classes as Peloton — Pilates, yoga, HIIT, soccer drills, weight training, etc. — and the peace of mind that you’re saving some cash. With Playbook, you’re also given in-app access to instructors, meaning you can message them with any and all questions you have.

But what about my spin classes?

Don’t worry, just because we’re not trying to sell you an overpriced stationary bike (honestly, $1,895?) doesn’t mean you’re saying goodbye to the spin classes you love. Playbook has a variety of spin instructors ready to take you to the next level. Say hello to Gabriella Guevara, one of Playbook’s most popular spin instructors. She’s got everything from beginner rides to group rides that you and your IRL spin friends can enjoy together.

By taking Gabriella’s classes with a bike you’ve purchased at a lower price (never underestimate the magic of eBay), you’re saving money and still having a party of a workout. No really — Gabi has a few dance playlist rides that will feel like you’re enjoying a night out.

Start working out for 27 cents a day with Playbook.

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