Playbook’s Weekly Workout Schedule: 7 Days of Cardio & Strength Training

Enjoy a well-balanced weekly workout routine with your favorite Playbook creators.

Weekly workout schedule
By March 25, 2022

Planning your workouts for the upcoming week can seem overwhelming. You want to exercise regularly, but you also want to look forward to your workouts. At Playbook, we have over 60,000 workouts to choose from! Below, we have created a weekly workout schedule that has something for everyone. Our workout schedule is based on the recommendation that adults should complete 150 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic exercise every week, with at least two days of muscle-strengthening workouts.

The best part about planning your week of workouts with Playbook is that you can set workout reminders. Schedule the day and time you want to complete the following exercises and receive a reminder when it’s time to go! If you haven't already, download the Playbook app for just $1 to get started today. And screenshot the calendar below and incorporate it into your week:


30 Minute Heart Break Ride by Gabriella Guevara

Ready to start the week off strong? Try Gabriella’s 30-Minute Heart Break Ride for a fun way to boost your heart rate and get into a productive mindset for the week ahead. With quick cadences and intense intervals, you are sure to break a sweat in just 30 minutes! This class is strictly cardio, no weights involved, and the playlist is sure to have you singing along.


Upper Body Workout by AJ Hotchkins

Strength training is a critical part of any workout routine. Now that you warmed up your body after the weekend on Monday, Tuesday is a perfect day to do your first strength workout of the week. Join AJ in his 45-minute Upper-Body Workout to build strength, endurance, and core stability.

Don’t forget to stretch after your strength workouts to keep from being sore later in the week!


Quads/Adductors/Abductors by Julian Smith

It is generally recommended to let your muscles recover for 48 hours before working the same muscle group again. Since you trained your upper body yesterday, allow the proper time for those muscles to rest and heal. Today, train your lower body with this 45-minute strength workout by Julian, including walking lunges and leg extensions.


Soothing Morning Flow by Morgan Tyler

Give your body and muscles a break after three days of high-intensity workouts with a nice yoga flow. Morgan’s Soothing Morning Flow is perfect. You will feel grounded, yet strong, as you flow with Morgan and soothe your body after the strengthening and cardio workouts you did earlier in the week.

Complete it in the a.m. as part of your morning routine and be ready to take on your day!


Full Body by Sam Sweeney

Sam’s Full Body Workout is 60 minutes with a warm-up and activation routine included. This workout is broken up into AMRAP pairs, which means you are given two movements and a time limit to complete as many rounds as possible.

Challenge yourself with this Friday workout to end the week on a strong note and go into your weekend feeling and looking great!


Easy Run + Chest Strength by Nick Bare

Cardio workouts are essential, but sometimes they’re a pain to work into our weekly workout routine. Nick’s workout allows you to get your cardio in plus some solid muscle conditioning — start with an easy 20-minute run at your own pace, followed by 40 minutes of chest strength training.


REST DAY or Sunday HIIT by Dana Linn Bailey

You made it to Sunday, the end of this workout week routine – congratulations! If your body is feeling sore and tired, take this day as a rest day. You deserve it! Go for a casual walk or take 10 minutes to stretch on your yoga mat.

If you are feeling strong and don’t want to end the streak you’re on, join Dana for her 60-minute HIIT workout. Warm-up with dynamic stretches, run one mile, then complete the HIIT exercises.

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