Why Tracy Harmoush Doesn’t Want to See Your Before & After Pictures

“If you’re going to show someone something beautiful, make it attainable,” says the fitness instructor.

Tracy harmoush
By August 23, 2021

You may know Tracy Harmoush from her Instagram live workouts during the pandemic, but now you don’t have to set your alarm to catch one of her epic workouts. All you have to do is log on to her app to workout with Harmoush whenever it’s convenient for you.

The fitness guru who boasts a devoted following of 284,000 Instagram followers has used Instagram to keep fans and clients motivated during the pandemic, but now she wants her reach to extend even further. “I initially stuck to Instagram for about a year and it’s a beautiful thing to know that so many people were waiting for me and I had that sense of commitment, but there was no real structure,” says Harmoush of her time working exclusively on social media. Now, anyone can sign up for her app for less than 30 cents per day and enjoy her full program on-demand. “I wanted to give people a sense of structure to work towards a program that they can fit into their schedule and also make it more affordable,” Harmoush says of the switch to an app platform.

Plus, on Instagram, not everything is as it seems. As someone who spent 10 years as an investment banker before ever working in fitness, Harmoush knows what it’s like to be a consumer on the outside looking in on the fitness industry. She has a particular irritation against those workouts blogs that only show a before and after photo, but not the progress and work that went into the journey: “The way I see it is when I reach my goal weight or body I get excited but I find myself reserved,” she explains. “I don’t flaunt it because I only assume the person on the receiving end is like, how did she get there, why isn’t she telling me how instead of showing me?” Harmoush doesn’t want clients to feel like they’ve already lost or missed out before they’ve even begun.

“If you’re going to show someone something so beautiful, make it more attainable and create less insecurities by saying, ‘you can get here if you follow this exactly.’”

And that’s exactly the kind of structure she provides on her app. And, to get started, Harmoush says all you have to do is want to try it out. Her ideal client is someone who says, “I don’t know if I’m ever gonna be able to do this, but you know what, I’m going to give it a shot.” She wants you to lean into that feeling of the unknown when it comes to your workouts so that eventually you can channel the positive mentality in other aspects of your life.

“The main thing I’d like my clients to know is that if you come at me with a bit of ‘you know what, I'm going to try,’ then that’s all I need from you,” Harmoush says. “Give me that and I’ll handle the rest.”

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