80% of Your App Subscription Pays Creators Directly

The majority of your subscription revenue goes directly to creators.

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By March 02, 2022

Playbook is one of the top fitness apps on the market where you can support your favorite creators directly.

How much of your subscription is funding creators?

  • Monthly: $14.99 x 80% = $11.99 per month goes directly to the creator

  • Annual: $99.99 x 80% = $79.99 per year goes directly to the creator

You read that right: your subscription dollars financially support creators to help them create more amazing content.

4 Ways Your Subscription Helps Creators Grow

With your subscription, your favorite creators are able to grow their online business, resulting in more best-in-class wellness content you can enjoy anywhere, any time. Plus, with just one subscription, you get access to workout with more than 600 top-tier fitness experts!

With the revenue they earn from you, creators can do a lot like:

1. Become a Full-Time Content Creator

Fitness creator and nutrition coach Aubrie Edgington launched her fitness app on Playbook in April 2021. With your funding, Aubrie was able to go all-in and become a fitness creator (alongside her other job — full-time mom), resulting in more content for you to enjoy.

“My favorite thing about Playbook is that everyone wants you to succeed. You have a team behind you cheering you on and taking off the pressure,” Edgington says. “I’m a mom of two; I only have a certain amount of time per day to work. This opportunity has allowed me to be a stay-at-home mom but also have a side hustle — I can do both!”

2. Train People Worldwide

Certified personal trainer Sam Sweeney has been coaching clients in her Minnesota-based gym for years, but her digital app now allows her to reach clients online no matter their location via her fitness app. With your subscription, Sweeney is now able to help more clients — like you! — reach their full potential.

“It’s just really user-friendly,” Sweeney says of the platform. “It’s such an elevated way to be able to share programming, and it’s like having a trainer and a training partner in your back pocket. It’s so convenient and we’re just so happy to be able to give more via this platform.”

3. Offer a World-Class User Experience

Yogi Morgan Tyler shares yoga flows, guided meditations, and mindfulness tips in her yoga fitness app, which she says has helped expand her reach as a teacher over the last several years. She’s now able to offer a better user-experience with her content.

“Being a part of this app helped me turn my vision of teaching yoga worldwide into a reality. I started on my own with two e-books that were PDFs and now have an entire library of classes to be able to reach people thanks to Playbook. I can’t imagine my teaching career without them,” Tyler said.

4. Provide Best-in-Class Training

If you’ve ever wanted to train like a celebrity, Ron “Boss” Everline offers the exact same programs he uses with his celebrity clientele — including Kevin Hart, Russell Westbrook, Usher, and Ne-Yo — in his fitness app. By subscribing to his app, exclusive training becomes accessible and you’re able to train like an elite athlete with programs you can’t find anywhere else.

“Playbook is different from the other fitness apps out there. They believe in making fitness accessible and for a cheaper price: for both creator and app users,” Everline says.

Upgrade Your App Subscription & Save

Support your favorite creators even more by upgrading your app subscription.

Monthly subscription total: $179.99/year

Annual subscription: $99.99/year

Save $80! At only $0.27 a day, you’ve got nothing to lose; you can cancel or downgrade anytime.

Your savings benefits creators in the long run too, because customer retention rates are better for annual subscriptions than monthly ones.

How to upgrade your subscription:

  1. Open the Playbook app and click on your account icon in the lower right corner

  2. Click on “Settings”

  3. Tap “Manage”

  4. Tap “Save 44%”

  5. Tap “Upgrade”

  6. Tap “Yes”

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