Fitness Gifts for Everyone on Your List: Playbook’s Holiday Gift Guide 2021

The perfect gifts for everyone who made your “nice” list this year.

Holiday Gift Guide
By December 09, 2021

‘Tis the season of giving, and if you’re anything like me, you love finding the perfect gift for the special people in your life. Forget boring gift cards and impersonal knickknacks this holiday (your mom really doesn’t need another coffee mug). Whether you’re shopping for your significant other, friends, or family (or even yourself!) you’ll find fitness gifts for everyone on your list in Playbook’s Holiday Gift Guide.

For the Athleisure Lover

Adam Selman Hi-Rise Drawstring Legging ($125)

Certified strength and conditioning coach Kehinde Anjorin spends the majority of her days in athletic wear, training her fitness app followers to increase mobility, strength, and build lean muscle. Her favorite athleisure wear? Adam Selman activewear.

Adam [Selman] makes workout clothes fun, exciting, edgy, daring, and sexy. I spend 99.9% of my time in athletic wear [and] Adam allows me to integrate my personality into my workout clothes. I get to train my clients while looking great,” she says.

Cuts Clothing L/S Crew Curve-Hem ($64)

Performance coach Pierre Vuala helps his clients to improve their physical health and fitness. His B3 fitness app uses weight training, resistance training, and strength conditioning in line with his B3 training motto: to work (b)etter, look (b)etter, and feel (b)etter.

To look better, Vuala loves this Cuts shirt, which is the brand’s long sleeve version of their best-selling crew curve-hem T-shirt. It comes in five staple, and six seasonal, colors. It’s designed to be the only shirt you need — perfect for working out, date nights, and even everyday wear.

For the Supplement Fanatic

Twenty2Nutrition Rooted Energy ($43.99)

Trainer and pre- and postnatal specialist Hannah Bower helps her clients develop a sustainable, enjoyable, and practical relationship with fitness, so it’s no surprise that her entrepreneurial spirit led her to create Twenty2Nutrition. The nutrition supplement company offers workout, performance, and recovery supplements, as well as daily vitamins and minerals, and apparel and accessories.

I love the products we have created. I feel so confident taking them knowing the steps and processes we take to ensure quality and safety. The best part is, they taste delicious and are effective!” Bower says.

Rooted Energy is a great midday pick-me-up, as it supports energy and endurance, decreases stress, and improves focus. The supplement is vegan and soy free, and is great for a dose of energy before a workout or whenever you need a boost!

Bare Performance Nutrition Whey Protein Powder ($39.99)

Nick Bare, fitness trainer and founder of Bare Performance Nutrition, teaches his clients to build strength, size, and endurance through his workouts that focus on bodyweight and resistance training. His supplement company offers high-quality sports nutrition and health supplements for the modern day athlete.

Bare recommends his whey-casein protein blend to improve recovery and build muscle. It comes in nine different flavors, including Cinnamon Roll, Fruity Cereal, and Apple Pie. There’s even a vegan plant-based version available.

Bonus: If you are new to supplements, this handy quiz will help you find the perfect products to achieve your fitness goals.

C4 Energy Carbonated Energy Drink ($29.99)

Ron “Boss” Everline’s personal motto is “train your mind and your body will follow,” a mantra he uses to train his celebrity clients like Kevin Hart and his app followers alike.

To keep himself energized throughout the day, Boss relies on C4’s Carbonated Energy Drink, a performance booster with 200 mg of caffeine and no sugar, carbs, or calories. The 12-packs come in nearly a dozen different flavors, including Twisted Limeade, Midnight Cherry, and Arctic Snow Cone.

For the Home Workout Newbie

FitGurlMel Full Training Band System ($72)

World-class fitness coach Melissa Alcantara knows a thing or two about kicking off a new fitness journey. What started as a personal journey of losing 40 pounds in 60 days led to training for bodybuilding competitions and, ultimately, becoming Kim Kardashian West’s personal trainer.

Alcantara’s full training band system includes six cotton and elastane bands, and are great for adding resistance to bodyweight exercises. She recommends using them to follow the FitGurlMe program on her fitness app.

For the Workout Gadget Enthusiast

Therabody Theragun PRO ($599)

Model, trainer, and nutrition coach Allegra Paris shares programs designed to sculpt and tone in her AP Fitness app. When her workouts leave her feeling sore, she swears by the Theragun, and also says it’s great to have on hand before or even during a workout.

All of my clients have bought one and it’s changed their lives just like it changed mine! Pre, post, and even during a workout, the Theragun uses percussive therapy to do what normal stretching can’t — it loosens up tight muscles, increases blood flow, and immediately relieves soreness. I’m obsessed; I even recommend it over professional massages," Paris says.

The Theragun PRO is ideal for muscle recovery, and is designed to reach 60% deeper into muscle than the average massager for better therapeutic results.

Assault Fitness AssaultRunner Pro ($2,999)

Entrepreneur and wellness and fitness expert Devon Levesque designs his app workouts to help users achieve their highest level of fitness as overall athletes.

The AssaultRunner Pro is the perfect addition to a home gym, and it's designed to help you meet your fitness goals: it burns more calories than motorized treadmills and its low-impact design reduces risk of injury.

The self propelled mechanism in the Assault treadmill helps correct my form each time I run on it," Levesque says.

Recommend Devon’s “Minimum Equipment 5 Week Program” to the lucky recipient of this gift!

For the Beauty Aficionado

Dr. Barbara Sturm’s Face Cream, $215

Fashion model and athlete Nina Agdal focuses on sharing a well-rounded fitness journey in her app, in which she provides workouts and lifestyle tips to help her followers feel incredible and comfortable in their own skin.

To help her look her very best, Agdal relies on this fragrance-free and cruelty-free anti-aging face moisturizer. It helps to keep skin hydrated while promoting skin regeneration, and is ideal for all skin types.

For the Coffee Connoisseur

Son of a Barista Starter Kit ($98)

World-renowned health and wellness expert Magnus Lygdback trains some of Hollywood’s most elite stars, including Gal Gadot and James McAvoy, so it’s no wonder he enjoys a good cup of coffee to kick off his mornings.

I am loving my coffee machine from Son of a Barista! Not only is the quality fantastic (and I've tried it all), but [the company is] fair-trade and recyclable. They source their coffee from the best coffee growers around the world, and it definitely shows,” Lygdback says.

The starter kit includes an espresso machine, plus 150 pods of a mix of coffees and green tea. Plus, Son of a Barista offers drink tips for new customers to use as inspiration for better morning cups of joe.

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