How Personal Trainer Georgina Cox is Empowering Women to Build Strength & Confidence

Cox is shifting the focus from what our bodies look like to how they function.

Georgina cox
By November 30, 2021

Personal trainer and body confidence guru Georgina Cox has made it her mission to build strong, confident women through her in-person and online training. Now she’s sharing her expertise in her fitness app, which is designed to help women feel more confident and strong through weight training.

“After wasting so many years battling with my own body, I want to use that same energy to help so many other women build the confidence in themselves and their bodies that they deserve. I wanted to create an app that would be a bit more accessible than maybe in-person or online coaching,” Cox says.

The U.K.-based trainer’s ethos shifts the focus from how your body looks to how it functions, which she demonstrates through motivational and inspirational posts on her Instagram account.

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Cox’s app includes a Strong Queen at Home and Strong Queen Gym program, in which users follow a four-week program to build strength, build confidence, and build knowledge behind the movements repeated throughout the program.

“Then, every month, a slightly more challenging version will be added [to the app] so you can keep making that progress and challenging your body. [These programs are] sort of perfect for total beginners and people who are already advanced at using weights, but maybe are lacking structure in their workouts or direction in the gym,” Cox says.

The content in her app, she says, is designed not only to build your confidence with weights, but your confidence within yourself and your body as you become stronger.

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“The focus with my programs and my app isn’t on becoming the smallest version of yourself, which I feel like some fitness apps can be, it’s all about becoming the strongest version, however that looks,” Cox says. “As long as you feel healthy and strong and capable in your body, that’s the most important thing, and that’s everything that you’ll find in my app.”

For anyone struggling to feel confident in their own body, she says self-love all starts with respect.

“Just respect and appreciate everything your body does for you, not just in your gym sessions or in your home sessions, but in your daily life, from getting out of bed to hugging your loved ones. It does so much for us every day and if you can just focus on at least appreciating that, it might lead to liking your body. It might lead to loving your body. Respect is something it deserves regardless, and it’s something you deserve to give yourself,” Cox says.

While we can often be tough on ourselves, Cox reminds us that how you feel in your body is more important than how it looks on the outside. “I really hope that comes through in the app and helps people shift their focus because a shift in perception, especially when it comes to our body image, can change everything. We don’t exist to be beautiful, we exist to be strong, and we’re capable of that if we let ourselves be,” Cox says.

Her workouts, which can be done at home or in the gym with weights, machines, and resistance bands, are an excellent way for women of all fitness levels to feel more empowered.

“I just really hope that [my app] helps people realize that movement exists for so much more than a number on the scale or becoming the smallest version of yourself,” Cox says. “It really can help you realize what you’re capable of, and just empower you in ways that transcend exercise and feed into your daily life. You start to think, ‘If I can do this, what else can I do?’”

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