Pro Athlete Meech Will Push You to Your Limits to Reach Your Fitness Goals

And no, you don’t need to play basketball to train with him.

By November 30, 2021

A self-proclaimed small-town kid with big dreams, pro fitness trainer and NBA skills coach Meech knows a thing or two about making his dreams come true. He went to The University of North Carolina at Greensboro to play division one basketball, then took his dreams to the next level and played professional basketball in Australia. He played one season with the Wallan Panthers and one season with the Southwest Slammers. Throughout his time playing basketball, he found his way to the gym and his passion for exercise grew into fitness training. Now, Meech shares his wide knowledge of sports and fitness with others in his new fitness app.

“Thankfully, I’ve gotten to a point where I can be an expert in this field and be able to give back and help other people with their fitness goals,” Meech says.

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Meech may be a pro basketball player, but his new fitness app is built for the everyday gym-goer. No basketball background is necessary to train with him.

“The basketball side and the fitness side are separate [on my app],” Meech says. “I’ve been in the fitness game just as long as basketball, so I want people to know they are separate programs.”

Meech’s programs include a blend of different types of workouts, including cardio, HIIT, weight lifting, plyometrics, and even Pilates. If you are looking to up your basketball game, the app will also have fundamental training classes and advanced skill development courses. The overall goal of the app is to work your muscles in ways that you are not accustomed to, Meech says.

“I am really big on strength training, body sculpting, and growth in general,” Meech says. “So, expect to be sore, to push your limits, and to get uncomfortable.”

Meech emphasizes that being uncomfortable is the only way to experience growth.

In fact, getting uncomfortable and sticking with your workouts are two tenants Meech lives by. His life motto is inspired by the following quote from Nike founder, Phil Knight: “The cowards never started and the weak died along the way. That leaves us...”

“That is my motto — keep going, don’t quit, and you’ll be the one [left] standing,” Meech says. “You got people on the sideline who don’t even try and you got people who quit along the way and then you got us, we’re still in it and still working.”

Meech is excited to share his tough, strength-building workouts, as well as the inspirational quotes and words he lives by in his new app. If you need extra motivation to get yourself into the gym or to finish that last push-up, Meech has got you covered.

“It’s hard on those days where you do not feel like working out, on the days when you’re down and out, when you really need to lean into your why and use that to get you through,” Meech says.

Take a minute today to think about your own “why.” Why are you working out? What pushes you to keep going? What do you want to accomplish? Download Meech’s new app to train with him in the gym and continue to lean into your “why.”

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